About Us

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About Us
The owners of Isa Bistro

Suzie & Isaul Perez

Isaul and Suzie are both from big families where sharing meals is a large part of their cultures. Isa started cooking in New York City in 2002, first at a French restaurant and then an Italian one, where he met Suzie. Suzie had industry experience in Maine, Washington D.C., and New York City in serving, bartending, and managing. She also has extensive wine knowledge as a Certified Sommelier and continues to hone her baking skills.
Isa Bistro Family
For years, the couple dreamed of creating a bustling neighborhood bistro that customers could frequent regularly, not just for special occasions. A place where the staff would recognize your face and know your favorite dishes or usual drink. Where the service was casual and knowledgeable, with the finer points but without all the fuss. A place where maybe you feel like you are somewhere else—like New York, where it all started for them.
The Isa Bistro Team
Today, Isaul’s Mexican heritage combined with his years of experience gives the Isa menu a unique twist, while Suzie’s closely curated wine list leans toward terroir-driven Old World wines balanced with affordable gems that pair well with the food.

Their love of the business (and each other) brought them to Maine to finally open the place they have talked about for years and share it with you. We hope you enjoy.
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